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Compassionate, Caring Attention

When it’s difficult to do the things you used to with the ease of yesterday, it just makes sense to move-on to another phase of your life.  When we procrastinate doing what we know is right and best for everyone, we are putting ourselves and those we love in a compromised position.  Delta Light is a senior adult foster home that realizes a change of a living environment is never easy.  In fact, the owner and caregivers at this facility attempt to make every effort possible in order to make the transition as easy as possible.

You are treated with respect and dignity, like a cherished family member at Delta Light private senior home.  The caregivers here are amongst the most compassionate we have interviewed.  Members of this team receive their strength from God and their enjoyment and purpose in life is all about helping others.

Cheerful and Happy Environment

This is a nicely set and maintained home on a setback lot amongst other private senior homes on a cult de sac.  As you enter the house you immediately feel comfortable and at home as you view the large entire wall-sized mural of an ocean lighthouse scene. The back family room offers a comfy and cozy environment for viewing television.  There is also a front office area for a change of scenery.

The hallways in this residence are all extra-wide for ease of wheelchair or walker access.  Of extra convenience, each of the guest’s bedrooms has its own private bathroom.

Outdoor Rose and Vegetable Garden

Spend some time outdoors in the nice patio area complete with a colorful rose garden and sitting area. In the back yard area you’ll find the facility’s garden area where fresh vegetables (when in season) are used in the preparation of meals.

Senior Housing Conditions and Care Giving Level

Privately funded or state funded patients welcome. Both men and women are accepted in this facility. This is a full level 3 facility.  Special diabetic and low salt diets are available.  Smoking allowed outdoors only, alcohol not allowed, pets not allowed and wheelchairs are accepted.  Special needs patients are welcome such as incontinence ok, Alzheimer’s, catheters, insulin shots, and hospice care.  The facility can administer psychotropic drugs for psychological issues.

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Address Medford, Oregon