Specialist In-Home Senior Hair Styling and Esthetician Services

Need a Personal Beautician?

Looking for a compassionate and caring hairdresser, massage therapist, manicurist, pedicurist or esthetician? Teri Pilip is local to Southern Oregon and a specialist in these cosmetic and therapeutic services specifically to seniors. She is ready and able to provide in-home services to the Southern Oregon cities of Ashland, Talent, Medford, Central Point, Shady Cove and Eagle Point.

Why go out to the beauty shop or spa when Teri will come directly to your private home, private senior care facility, assisted living, , senior retirement home or convalescent home. Teri is equipped with the latest and finest equipment to ensure that your needs are met with the utmost of precision and care.

She is licensed in a multitude of services with the State of Oregon. Teri does Hair color, hair cutting, shampoo sets, permanents, facials masks, manicures and waxing. She is fully licensed in the State of Oregon and an expert at arm, hand, head, foot, leg and essential oil rock massage.

If you are a senior looking for affordable and caring personal care services without having to make a special trip to the salon or beauty shop, then Teri is ready and able to meet you at the place you call home.

Below you’ll find some of the popular treatment services offered by Terri.

Men’s Relaxation Facial: Enjoy a wonderful cleanse and tone with an optional face scrub, followed by a 25 minute head, hand and foot massage. 1 Hour: $65

Women’s Rejuvenating Facial: Let go, relax and reinvent yourself with a soothing, cleansing toning plus a facial scrub, an optional steam treatment, ending with a mud mask with hand and foot massage. 1 Hour $65

Men’s or Women’s Lunch Break Mini Facial: Refresh, tone and restart your day with this invigorating and quick mini facial. 30 Minutes: $45

Hot Towel Treatment with Facial Massage: Release yourself and relax with a lovely hot towel treatment with essence oils and facial massage. 30 Minutes: $45

Indian Head Massage: Lay back and leave the treatment to me. You can expect firm and soft movements for a head changing experience. 30 Minutes: $45

Body Exfoliating Scrub: This is a great idea before a waxing or just before a special occasion where being soft and smooth is a must. We pamper you to be your best. 1 Hour: $65

Foot Soak with Massage: Dip into our potable spa and enjoy soaking your feet and relaxing with a firm or soft massage with oils. 30 Minutes: $40

Arm and Hand Massage: Extend your arm sit and enjoy a massage complete with a soft and calming treatment. 30 Minutes: $30

Spa Manicure with Hand Massage: Soak your hands in a bowl while your nails are pampered and treated, followed by a hand masque and massage with oils, polish optional. $45

Men’s Manicure: Clean, clip and file nails, enjoy your experience with a mini massage and skin softening cream. $35

Ladies Manicure: Get beautiful, strong, healthy nails with cuticle soak, softening hand treatment, massage and polish. $39

Lower Leg and Foot Massage: Site and relax while I massage your legs and feet. You will receive a lovely treatment with skin softening for added results. 30 Minutes: $40

Spa Pedicure with Massage: Plunge into our portable spa and enjoy a warm and relaxing water experience with complete foot care plus masque and ending with a relaxing foot massage with hot towels, optional polish. 1 Hour: $65

Pedicure: Soak and enjoy the water while you get a nice nail treatment complete with scrub, massage and optional polish. $39

Brazilian Waxing: Private and confidential waxing with complete hair removal. $60 and up