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Situated at the end of a quiet residential cul-de-sac in a serene and charming neighborhood of East Medford, you’ll find a classy and well organized senior home care facility. This facility is run by an outstanding senior homecare provider that has been in the business in Medford for many years.  You’ll find this home surrounded by nice residences and respectful neighbors, centrally located and not far from all the shopping and activities of Medford. This private senior care home features 2400 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms, (4 bedrooms for residents), an expansive en......

Central Point Oregon Senior Home - White Oak Adult Senior Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Enjoy a large custom-designed senior family home situated in an elegant and exclusive Central Point, Oregon neighborhood.   White Oak Adult Care Facility is a great place for mom or dad in that it maintains that at-home feel throughout.  Your loved one will enjoy the sculptured and dramatically- artistic, open, floor-plan featuring high cathedral and intricately-designed upper ceiling areas. Landscaping and Outside Access Well-maintained landscaping is one of the first features you’ll notice as you drive-up to this large residence.  Walking up the driveway, a large expansive area gre......

Medford Oregon - Delta Light Senior Home - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Compassionate, Caring Attention When it’s difficult to do the things you used to with the ease of yesterday, it just makes sense to move-on to another phase of your life.  When we procrastinate doing what we know is right and best for everyone, we are putting ourselves and those we love in a compromised position.  Delta Light is a senior adult foster home that realizes a change of a living environment is never easy.  In fact, the owner and caregivers at this facility attempt to make every effort possible in order to make the transition as easy as possible. You are treated with respect......
Eagle Point Senior Home - Housing for Seniors

Eagle Point Oregon - Aspen Senior Home - Call Now 541-690-8086

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There are a number of private adult foster and senior homes that possess upper-end features much like Aspen has.  Many are in top-notch, quiet and respectful neighborhoods much like Aspen’s high-quality sub-division.  Then, there are those that simply stand-out above the rest, offering not only the most sought-after attributes as mentioned above, but something more, something difficult to initially place a finger on. Owners Have a Passion for their Job At Aspen Adult Foster Care senior housing, you’ll find a kind and compassionate owner/couple that considers their job more as a p......

Medford Oregon - Keene AFC Senior Home - Call Now 541-690-8086

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There comes a time in most individual’s lives when health and dependency issues outweigh the ability to live on their own without someone to be around for them in order to provide additionally needed care.  The Keene AFH facility is a foster care home providing a superior, affordably-priced and intimate alternative to nursing homes. This unique and homey private senior home provides compassionate care, with an emphasis on independence, choice and decision making for their clients. Advanced, Senior Care Housing Services Offered The facility is a full level 3 home with a staff of caregiv......
Central Point Senior Housing Paisley

Medford Oregon - Paisley AFC Senior Home - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Enjoy this modern, newer home in Central Point with added upgrades and extras such as high recessed ceilings, curved archways, large and expansive bay windows and gorgeous wood floors.    Rather than living in an impersonal, confusing and massive senior institution, why not select Paisley AFC and feel like you are still in your own home?  Come home to a step above the other facilities at Pasliey. You are the king or queen of your domain in this Central Point home located in a peaceful and serene cul-de-sac in an upper middle-class neighborhood.  Nice grassy surround the home with concrete......
Medford Senior Home Adult Foster Home Delta Two

Medford Oregon - Delta Two Senior Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Delta Two Adult Foster Care senior facility is located in the heart of this highly desirable retirement destination.  Conveniently located on a major connecting street that provides access to major shopping centers gives this facility an advantage. Private Bathrooms for Each Client’s Bedroom Delta Two is a very desirable senior facility that provides each bedroom with its own private bathroom directly accessible from each bedroom.  Having a private bathroom provides for the valued resident the sanitary aspects, freedom and privacy they deserve. Senior Home Features Delta Two is located......
Medford Senior Housing Sunrise

Medford Oregon - Sunrise Adult Foster Home - Call Now 541-690-8086

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This senior housing facility is set in a classy neighborhood set among fine East Medford homes.  If you enjoy an elevated home with nice views of trees and the surrounding neighborhood, then this is the homey and serene private residential care facility you’ve been looking for. Great Neighborhood and Mature Trees If you like being situation above the rest, love the great outdoors and enjoy expansive lawns and shrubs, landscaped and painstakingly maintained, then you have found your new home.  Large, old-growth trees surround the property, with sloped hills of green-grass.  The home si......
Medford Oregon Senior Home for Seniors Delta One

Medford Oregon - Delta One Senior Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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When your independence is failing and it’s time for some assistance in performing your daily tasks, then a senior housing or adult foster care facility may be your best choice over a full-sized nursing home or convalescent care facility. If you want to live close to a large community of doctors, dentists, specialists and medical clinics then Medford is your location of choice.  Medford is the regional hub for the entire southern Oregon area and has become an established and well-known retirement location. Delta One Adult Foster Care facility is not only close to all of the medical facil......
Talent Oregon Senior Home Sun View

Talent Oregon - Sun View Adult Foster Home - Call Now 541-690-8086

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This is a freshly built facility located in a growing, conveniently situated neighborhood in Talent, Oregon.  Completed in 2012 and opened in July of that year, this senior housing choice has new and modern amenities, with an open floor plan, high cathedral ceilings and classy hardwood floors throughout the main living areas. SPECIALLY BUILT AS A ADULT FOSTER HOUSING Sun View was specifically built with special needs adults in mind.  Since it was specially built from the ground up as an adult foster home, it has advanced features you won’t find in many other homes such as three foot m......
Eagle Point Senior Housing

Eagle Point, Oregon - Shadow Lawn Adult Foster Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Looking for a quiet, residential neighborhood in Eagle Point Oregon? Shadow Lawn is a new and freshly renovated facility seeking clients for their lovely custom-built home. At Shadow Lawn you’ll find home-made meals, and assistance with your daily living needs. Here you’ll find the perfect alternative to assisted living in a more personal and comfortable senior housing environment. More Room to Explore Unlike some facilities, where only certain parts of the home are open to the residents, this adult foster care home’s entire expanse is available to their guests. From the cozy......
Grants Pass Housing for Seniors

Grants Pass - Applegate Senior Adult Foster Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Applegate Home is one of the largest and most dramatic private adult foster homes we have seen in Southern Oregon. This senior housing choice will provide your loved one with all of the upper class amenities of a fine assisted living facility along with the hominess and close monitoring ones only a private foster home environment can offer. Applegate has a country ranch feel with incredible views of the valley from the tall and expansive windows in the facility. The views from the backyard patio are just as impressive as from inside the home. The patio features green lawns, great landscaping a......
Eagle Point Oregon Senior Housing

Eagle Point Oregon - Brownsboro Senior Foster Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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For those wanting a more laidback and serene lifestyle then the ideal country home awaits. Brownsboro Adult Foster Home comes with all the expected country amenities. Country Living As you walk into the home you are presented with high and expansive wooden ceiling with newly installed hardwood floors. You will stay warm as there is a warm and cozy wood burning stove. As you progress into the large living area expansive views of the surrounding green hills and Mt. McLaughlin towering at its majestic height of 9,495 feet over the Southern Oregon landscape greet your eyes. This home features 2300......
Grants Pass Senior Housing for Women

Grants Pass - Hillcrest Senior Care Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Hillcrest is an adult foster home unlike any other in Southern Oregon. This is more of a senior ladies activity club than a retirement home. If you or your loved one is at a point where some assistance with daily living is needed but they or you don’t want to give up on an active and fun life, then Hillcrest Care Home is the perfect fit. Or possibly some may welcome the opportunity to have like-minded senior friends around them who want to have a good time and enjoy the companionship of others as they grow older. Highly Experienced Caregivers The owners and caregivers of this facility are si......
Senior Housing in Medford Oregon

Medford Oregon - Innbruck Senior Adult Housing - Call Now 541-690-8086

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Live above Foothill Blvd in an exclusive Medford Neighborhood.
Looking for a senior home in the upper scale foothill area of Medford, then Innsbruck is your home. On a cul-de-sac in one of Medford’s finest neighborhoods, you will feel honored to be part of this neighborhood of this new and modern senior home facility. Great Amenities and a Fireplace for Cozy Winter Nights As you walk through the wide double door entryway, you’ll be treated to a nice dining and living room area to the right of the entry with a cozy gas fireplace for those cold winter nights. Wide hallways allow for easy walker or wheelchair access. A large screen television is avai......
Medford Senior Housing at Cedar Links

Medford Senior Housing at Cedar Links - Call Now 541-690-8086

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The Senior Housing at Cedar Links and its Character Looking for senior housing close to town but with a feeling of being out in the country? This upper scale neighborhood home features a fantastic outdoor environment with a deck area that offers a great view of nature and even comes with a small pond area complete with ducks. When you enter the double doors you walk into a large, open front living room area with a stone wall and large screen television. Comfort and expansiveness abounds as you walk throughout the home, its kitchen and hallways. Patients and Needs Accommodated This facility is......


We feature private residential home facilities for seniors and disabled individuals in the Southern Oregon area, including the cities of Medford, Central Point, Eagle Point, Grants Pass, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland and the surrounding unicorporated areas. To Inquire about a Senior Home Listed on this Site or to List Your Home on this Site Call: 541-690-8086 or Click Here PRIVATE HOMES ARE LESS INTIMIDATING These private senior homes and adult foster homes provide a friendlier, more comfortable, personalized and home-like environment for seniors or disabled individuals. Large institutions can be cold and intimidating to many who have lost their independence. Private senior homes will normally be easier to transition into. MORE AFFORDABLE CARE Normally, prices for these care facilities are much more affordable and many times negotiable, so your loved ones can obtain loving care at more reasonable prices. Some also accept government forms of payment such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability and others. A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE These facilities are typically run by compassionate and caring individuals with medical and state certification and licensing for the level and type of care they specialize in. Many of these facilitators and caregivers are from Asian countries such as the Philippines where taking care of elderly family members is not considered a burden or problem but rather an expression of love and a naturally ingrained attribute. NEW OREGON SENIOR RETIREMENT LIVING FACILITIES Senior Home Locators is expanding its offerings to the larger senior retirement living facilities. Stay tuned as we feature many fabulous senior living facilities in southern Oregon and throughout the State of Oregon.